Peter began his network marketing career 26 years ago after serving as a Sargeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and subsequently following his innate entrepreneurial spirit into the restaurant business.

In 1990, Peter fell in love with marketing. He started out in sales, and despite very little industry training, he applied his military experience to his business and quickly became an industry leader. When others noticed his success, they began asking him to host conference calls and develop training tools for their members. With a great deal of success and training experience under his belt, he decided to found his own company called Multiplex Systems in 1998.

Since then, Peter has shaken the foundation of the network marketing industry by disassembling the cumbersome infrastructure and completely streamlining the system. He has virtually re-invented the industry. The result? A more efficient, more effective, less complicated, online business model. Limited risk, high upside potential, and incredibly fast growth.

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About Multiplex Systems

For the past 18+ years, Peters’ company has been developing and providing support services and training products to up and coming marketing companies. Multiplex Systems creates software to help companies and their distributors generate leads for their businesses. Their products include everything from phone broadcasting, email marketing, educational webinars and even text broadcasting.

Peter’s companies currently have over 400,000 distributors worldwide and he has a Better Business Bureau credibility rating of A+. His integrity and experience have truly made him a trustworthy name in the industry.